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As the leading operator and supplier on Municipality Smart Recycling Solutions in China, we constantly pay attention to market changing and continue to carry out technical innovation and application, to achieve our own development new break through and optimize user’s benefit.



Collect glass bottles fast and safely, completely resolved the safety collection problem of glass bottles.



Identify and verify the crates of glass bottles quickly.



Recognize the exterior and shape of collected items by graphic matching to increase collection efficiency.


Material recognition

Recognize the material of collected items quickly to insure the safety and efficiency of collection.


Third party system interface

Unify system interface to provide technical support for diversified functions which based with multi-system docking.


Intelligent operation system

Develop the operation system based on the open android system, with the features of simple operation and wild-extension; support for multi-system integration docking.


Intelligent RVM management platform and user management system

Achieve the interconnection and big data share among the users, managers, equipment and solid waste based on the internet of things technology; Support for creating multi-roles and multi-users, optimize the management structure that follows different management rights.


Some technologies above have been authorized by Tomra