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As the biggest operator and supplier on Municipality Smart Recycling Solutions in China, since the first RVM was developed, INCOM RECYCLE’s business has spread to more than 10 provinces in China and more than 10 countries and regions in the world. There are now nearly 6,000 RVMs in Beijing.


TOMRA is a world leader on Sorting solutions and Collection solutions, rely on the supports from TOMRA and INCOM RECYCLE, INCOM TOMRA could supply to the partners a full package of solutions which contents varies of RVMs for different applications to help our partners increase returns and reduce environmental impacts.


Cover various needs

According to different markets’ demand, we developed different RVMs emphasizing on different functions to adapt to several purposes, serve diverse needs.


Application project customization

Based on the needs of clients, we can offer the optimal customized solutions. From intelligent city and community project to PPP cooperation project or combination marketing project, we are working hard to help our clients finding the suitable way to optimize ROI ratio both in China and abroad.


Technical guarantee

Our RVM has many leading technologies, to insure the recognition rate and accuracy, improve operation interest and safety in recycling process. The intelligent RVM management platform and user management system can optimize the management cost, and offer data support for the government decision-making and market analysis.     


Good after-sales service experience

Our services include equipment and operations training, hotline, on-site services and expert services etc. We wholeheartedly to provide the first-class products and service support to each customers.