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2012, INCOM RECYCLE launched the first reverse vending machine which having self-owned intellectual property based on IoT

technology, it opens a new precede to combine the IoT technology and recycling industry in China. INCOM RECYCLE obtains 23 national patents and 12 software copyrights which includes printing, recognition system, compactor modular, appearance design, Internet of Technology and etc.


This RVM solution takes use of the IoT technology and reverse logistic system to open up the channels from recycling stations to various of recycling factories, this solution will be able to monitor the, accumulate the valuable data for the data center and offer the consultative supports for the government when they make the environmental policies.


The Reverse Vending Machines is a humanized, environmental-friendly but intelligent interactive media & recycling platform. Based on the technology of IoT (Internet of Things), the RVM can collect different beverage containers and offer reward to the users. The machine can also fulfill the needs of mobile phone and metro cards charging, coupon printing and other functions as request.


Every year, nearly 1.8 trillion beverage bottles were consumed worldwide which contains a large amount of material that can be recycled. With the laying of RVMs, secondary pollution can be effectively prevented, resource conservation and greenhouse gas emissions reduction can be realized.


We can provide a widely RVM based application project to our clients to satisfies the needs of stakeholders.