Business Model

The biggest sales place of the beverage in Sweden is the supermarket, and next are sports center and sports grounds, yacht club, big companies, tourism campsite, coffee shops, restaurants, kiosks and others. Consumers just need to recycle their cans or bottles to the reverse vending machines. the machines will read the barcode information on the can automatically (EAN Code, which also includes  registration number), for each can which indicated in the RETURPACK, consumers will get a receipt with 0.5 kronor. For instance, one consumer put 20 marked empty cans into the reverse vending machine, then he can get 10 kronor receipt immediately (about 11 yuan) ,consumers can use this receipt to pay for shopping or withdraws cash in the sales point .




Recycle station


Every sales station will responsible for collecting all the cans from their reverse vending machines, and delivery them to Norrk ping of RETURPACK company's treatment plant, the cans will be classified, packaged and compressed, then accepted and registered by the beer manufacturer, RETURPACK company will return the deposit money to the consumers who paid to the sellers.


These packaged cans are sent as raw materials to the smelter and melted to form the aluminum ingot material (this process consumes only 5% of the same amount of aluminum ingot produced from bauxite) and then shipped to the cans manufacturer Re-processed to cans packaging products for marketing supply. Sweden formed an effective mechanism already now, the management model is very worthy for our reference.



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