Beijing INCOM Resources Recovery Resourcing Co., Ltd. (abbreviation as “INCOM RECYCLE") was established in 2008. It’s the biggest operator and supplier on Municipality Smart Recycling Solutions in China, the demonstrative base of National & Beijing’s “Urban Mine” project, the Leader of “Green Union” Project, the Leader of “National Demonstrative base of Circular Industry Park” project. In 2015, INCOM RECYCLE got an investment of 15 million USD from Franklin Templeton, and also established two joint ventures with TOMRA, the leader of collection solutions and sorting solution globally.


INCOM Resource has a PET Recycling Production Line with a high capacity. INCOM Resource is also the only one who has the certification in China to produce Recycled PET chips for food industry. The Certification was released by Ministry of Health and Administration Bureau of Quality. The company also has the certification from ILSI and Coca Cora according FDA and ILSI standards.




INCOM RECYCLE is focusing on promoting “internet+ Recycling” collection business, is exploring “all locations, all resources, sustainable, circular” smart collection solutions in China. In 2012, Combined the experience absorbed from western environmental industries, base on Chinese market situation, INCOM RECYCLE developed the first Reverse Vending Machine which is integrated with Internet technology in China.


RVMs for beverages have been installed in 20 mega cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen in China. The locations content subway stations, bus stations, Shopping malls, Schools, communities, Governmental Offices these kinds of public locations. We already have more than 5,000 installations in Beijing. Collecting 1 ton of PET bottles equal to saving 1 ton of coal, 6 tons of oil, reduce 3 tons of CO2 emission, and plant 41 trees.  


INCOM Recycle become to the biggest exporter of RVMs for beverages in China because of export businesses to 20 countries like Mexico, the Netherlands, Brazil, Thailand, etc. Besides that, INCOM Recycle has developed other RVMs like for collecting cloth, cellphones, Cans, batteries and other materials and put on markets gradually.


In 2015, base on the technology of “Internet +”, INCOM RECYCLE was in the first batch to release Online to Offline collection service. The O2O business platform was named “BANGDAOJIA”. We’re planning to use this platform to establish a surveillance system which can monitor the data of solid wastes during reverse transportations. This would a revolution to solve pollutions and landfills during actual Chinese low-efficiency collection situation.


Up to June of 2017, BANGDAOJIA already covered more than 500 communities and serviced more than 30,000 families.



INCOM TOMRA Recycling Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (“INCOM TOMRA” as the abbreviation) is a Chinese-Norwegian joint venture. INCOM TOMRA was established in March of 2016 by Beijing INCOM RECYCLE Co., Ltd from China and TOMRA Systems ASA from Norway together. The major purpose of us is promoting, selling and servicing on Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) which are developed by the two shareholders and sister companies.


TOMRA is a world leader on Sorting solutions and Collection solutions, INCOM RECYCLE is the biggest operator and Supplier on Municipality Smart Recycling Solutions in China. Rely on the supports from TOMRA and INCOM RECYCLE, INCOM TOMRA could supply to the partners a full package of solutions which contents varies of RVMs for different applications.


Based on continuously circular model and green commonweal, INCOM RECYCLE established “Green Button Program” . With the concept of “the Earth is not inherited from the ancestors but borrowed from the descendants”, this program is an open platform for all citizens’ participation. INCOM RECYCLE already hosted more 1 thousand Environment protection lessons in hundreds different schools like BUAA, QHFZ, YCIS, etc. The “Green education base ” in INCOM RECYCLE also received more than 15,000 visitors.