Highlight the environmental characteristics

The sustainable green environmental protection advertisement VS General outdoor advertising


1、The government is concerned about the enterprise

The new model of intelligent recycling causes the world, the country and the city leaders’ attention and the support.


2010 Prime Minister Mr.Li Keqiang visited INCOM Resource, and hosted the meet of Circular Economy here.


Commissioner Vella from Europe Union Visited INCOM RECYCLE, the only company he visited during his first visit in China.


2、High exposure


  • CCTV1 Evening News

  • CCTV1 News 30

  • CCTV2

  • CCTV4

  • BTV Good Morning Beijing

  • CNN

  • Agencia EFE

  • NHK


3、Full coverage of life scenes


  • Transportation, (subway & Airport)

  • Recreation(shopping mail)

  • Entertainment(park & scenic spot)

  • Office(Office Building)

  • Commute(community)


4、Big data extraction


Number of RVM in each location. Up to March 2016



5、User fetching accurately

2 million + active users,timely information,directional push