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A recycling machine could recycle 10K tons used plastic bottles annually in Beijing


Intelligent recycle, makes every bottle trackable

How to deal with the water bottles after your drink out in the subway? Most of us will throw it into the dustbin. Actually, they could be exchanged as a cash and top up into the metro card.


For now, the citizens will insert the used plastic bottle into a recycling machine in the public places. Comparing with the vending machine, this is a reverse vending machine which mainly used to recycle the used plastic bottle and aluminum cans.  Since 2012,  INCOM RECYCLE CO.,LTD have installed more than 5,000 units of reverse vending machine in most of public place of Beijing to offer the services.

According to the statistics, there are more than 6 billion of used plastic bottles collected by the “Unlicensed recycling plant”, these plants do not have the pollution treatment equipment and will generate the secondary pollution. The intelligent recycling machine which designed by INCOM RECYCLE adapts the smart recognition system to collect the plastic bottles and other materials. All the solid wastes will be packaged and separated by the professional company and transported to the licensed recycling factories.


Comparing with the traditional recycling industry, the plastic bottles which collected by the INICOM RECYCLE is controllable and trackable. Based on this intelligent recycling device, INCOM RECYCLE developed a smart recognition system and revise logistics system to monitor the collection network, the machine will submit the binfull alarm to the data center in order to offer the guidance to the logistics team and optimize the driving routine.  


Fully coverage after demonstration

According to the plan of INCOM RECYCLE, the installation of the reverse vending machine will be increased gradually with the time. They took a half year to complete the market tests and optimization since the first four machine were installed in 2012. The trial operation will be launched in different regions of Beijing in a small scope and step into the large scale installation after 2014.   


By the end of June in 2016, INCOM RECYCLE have already installed more than 5000 units machine in the public places such as supermarket, hotel, restaurant, subway, school, colleges, park, government buildings, apartment and etc. They can collect more than 150K bottles every day and collect 80K bottle everyday even in winter.


The installation density will be evaluated according to the coverage scope of the location and potential demands. INCOM RECYCLE have collected 40,616,451 plastic bottles, this spectacular contributions is equivalent to help the world for saving 6,090 tons of oil, reducing 3,045 tons of CO2 and planting 41,615 trees. According to estimation in the case of running smoothly, every machine could collect 1.5 to 2 tons of used bottles, which means all of these 5,000 units machine are able to collect 10,000tons of used bottles at least.  With the fast growth of the recycling, INCOM RECYCLE will keep moving forward in the direction of internet plus recycling and extend their territory of circular economy.


Grow faster on the full-scale recycling in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei

Comparing with the traditional recycling, INCOM RECYCLE owns a bottle grade recycling factory to clean, purify and refine the RPET chip in order to set up a complete circular link. This factory indeed faced the “starvation” problem which was only able to collect half material from the market comparing with their fully running capability. INCOM RECYCLE explored many solutions and finally took use of the technology of internet and Iot to redesign the reverse vending machine after combining with Chinese situation and the concept of traditional recycling machine.  


Simultaneously, INCOM RECYCLE launched the reverse vending machine for used electrics, cloth, paper and mobile phone to plan the recycling market.  The O2O business which named BANGDAOJIA launched in the July of 2015 to implement the “Internet plus recycling” and service the citizens.


The users could follow their Wechat official account to place the order after fill in the personal information and the recyclable items. The formal dressed employee will go to pick up the material as scheduled and complete the online transaction according to the market price. As reported, there are more than 300 this kind of employee to service more than 1.2 million users of 40,000 families in Beijing.


INCOM RECYCLE will build a bigger plant in the city which closer at Beijing to resolve its recycling problem of plastic bottle and seek for a better solution for the intelligent solid waste management of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.


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