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Not only “Earth hour” ,Incom Recycle create the garbage smart recycle platform


In the Chinese main venue of the WWF ”Earth hour” 2016, Miss Li Bingbing declared that she will do the environmental protection career until her 80 years old. Besides, INCOM RECYCLE also announced they hope they can use the intelligent solution to create a long-term solid waste smart recycle platform to control the whole process from the source to reuse.


The China theme of the WWF ”Earth Hour” is “For the blue life”, intended to turn off 1 hour’s light to promote the sustainable consumption and life style. Mrs Liu Xuesong, the executive vice president of INCOM RECYCLE, shared her story with the beverage bottles, advocated to recycle the garbage by the safe and intelligent method, to achieve the resource recycling, ”for the blue life”. Mrs Liu introduced that through the deposit system to guide the user to take the initiative to return the renewable resources to the safe way, not only can improve the safety of the resources recycling and the efficiency, but also can monitor the final use of the waste, to prevent the secondary pollution.


INCOM RECYCLE introduces the internet of things, mobile internet and other high-tech into recycling areas, R&D the first smart reverse vending machines of China, and build a smart recycling platform from the source of the solid waste to reuse. On the basis of the reverse vending machine for beverage, INCOM RECYCLE also introduced reverse vending machines for clothes and cellphones to the market. And the O2O ”BANGDAOJIA” also serviced more than 200 communities already. Mrs Liu Xuesong introduced that” INCOM RECYCLE combines the real situation of china, on the basis of internet and the internet of things to explore the whole scene, whole category of waste safety and the smart recovery mode. At the same time, the Green Button Program which leads by INCOM RECYCLE, through the environmental class, garbage sorting practice, physical examination for scavengers etc. to collect all the users’ power, practicing environmental protection action, realizing pass on love.


In addition, INCOM RECYCLE will install more than 10000 machines in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen before the end of this year.


(Xinhua News)



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